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Welcome to the Galleries, inviting you into a world of beauty—a world of both artistic
creation and leadership artistry. Creation, of course—whether on a canvas of words,
visual images, organizational spaces, or the world’s stage—is about
giving birth to possibility. The Galleries invite you to explore your
own role as a leader and artist - to explore the multiple
ways in your life that you invoke beauty.

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The Art Gallery offers you paintings and
monotype prints to delight (and 
challenge) the eye
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The Exhibition Gallery lets you glimpse
at how art that engages leaders is 
displayed in North America, 
Europe and beyond
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Stop by the Portrait Gallery and discover
us. Contact us. We’d love to 
hear from you
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On your most adventuresome days, stop by
the Atelier. Create images. Make art. 
Have fun discovering new aspects 
of your own leadership artistry
 [Opening soon]
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Visit the Press Gallery to ​learn how
the world talks about the arts, leadership and
the importance of painting beyond 
the bottom line
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Come to the Ideas Gallery to explore the
many ways in which art, artists, and
artistic processes support the kinds
of leadership we most yearn
for in the 21st century
The power of art

In a world focused on busyness, Dr. Adler invites us to rethink how we go about our business, suggesting that reflecting on beauty might offer us fresh insights into our leadership practice. Her art exhibitions create a space for us to move from action to reflection, and in the process to be moved by the power of art!

Nick Nissley, Ed.D.
Executive Director, Leadership Development
The Banff Centre
Alberta, Canada

The power of beauty